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Although based in Visalia, Ca., we represent the HEARTLAND of Raider Nation!

Next Meeting:

Thursday, August 8 th 7:00 pm

@Visalia Elks Lodge, 3100 W. Main St., Visalia

Future Meetings: September 12, October 10, November 14, December 6 - All meetings at the Visalia Elks Lodge

KICK OFF BBQ July 20th!

See below for details!

See: What We Do - Upcoming Events section


*ATTENTION: Our Booster Club will once again take part in the Relay For Life in Tulare on October 12. See below for more details!

What We Do - Upcoming Events

Not only do we support the NFL's Oakland Raiders football team, we raise money for The Bethleham Center in Visalia.


Our annual BBQ will be held on Saturday July 20th from 11am until 5 pm or longer if needed, at Plaza Park Arbor 1 in Visalia. This year we have changed our menu and have hired a caterer to serve tacos. Admission is $20 for adults, which includes a 4-taco lunch, meat choice of carne asada and chicken, with rice and beans, kids 6 - 12 years $5, for a 2-taco plate, if kids want the 4-taco meal they must pay the adult price, all kids 5 and under are free and will receive a kid’s meal. All admissions, paid or free, will receive a free bottled water, canned soda and shaved ice. All paid admissions, will be entered for door prizes and will receive a free People Bingo card, prizes will be donated by your President. All kids paid and free will receive a gift bag, while supplies last. We will have a large Raider raffle, side raffle, 50/50 raffle, live auction, Raider Vendors, face painter, music by DJ Abel, obstacle course bounce house. Tailgate Mascots: All Mascots, Super Fans, in their game day attire will be admitted free. Attention: We are proud to announce that Metal Cindy will be making her return to Raider Nation at our BBQ. Metal Cindy has been away for a few years concentrating on her music career, she recently moved back home to the Los Angeles area and has chosen our BBQ to make her return appearance. Metal Cindy will have her own 8x10’s for sale and will be available for photos, welcome back Metal Cindy :). Door Prizes, everyone who paid for our BBQ at our June 13th meeting, will receive 3 tickets, everyone who pre-pays at our July 11th meeting will receive 2 tickets, all day of walk ups will receive 1 ticket. One tradition we did not want to change about our BBQ, is bringing your own alcohol, no glass is allowed at the park, Please Drink Responsibly, Family Atmosphere. At this time I want to Thank our cook, Mike Hernandez and his side kick David Anaya, for all their hard work through the years, a thank you to everyone who has supplied rice and a special shout out to my mom, the “Salsa Lady”. This event is open to all Raider Family, all clubs are welcome to come out and set up their canopies and display their banners. Attention, you do not have to pay our admission price to come to our BBQ, you are welcomed to camp out, bring your own food and drinks, participate in our raffles, live auctions, pay for autographs from our guest. But we stand by our $20 admission that includes, lunch, bottled water, canned soda, shaved ice, chance for door prizes, free People Bingo, one $5 autograph from our guest, compared to $20 for non-paid BBQ guest, the choice is yours. We Are One Nation, One Family, That Is Second To No One! See You At The BBQ!!!


The Raiders have informed us that there will be some tickets available for group sales this year, supply is limited and tickets will go fast. We have chosen the September 15th game vs Kansas City, we were asked to pick a backup game if no tickets are available for our first choice, we have chosen the November 3rd game vs Detroit as our back up. Tickets will be available the week of July 15, we need to act fast and have money ready for tickets. At press time, we have been told ticket prices for field level will range from $125 to $140, depending on location. We are asking for a $125 deposit per person, with a limit of 2 tickets per single or family membership, to save you a spot on the bus. At press time, we do not have a full bus package price yet, it will be a minimum of $200 per person, maybe more depending on final ticket cost, bus cost and price we have to pay for a bus parking pass. If you pay the $200 up front, you may choose where you want to sit on the bus. Those of you who have your own tickets and want to purchase a bus seat only, cost will be a minimum of $75, that may go up a little, for now, $75 gets you on the bus. Due to the urgency to fill up the bus asap, we are giving our current club members, until July 19th to purchase tickets, if any tickets/ bus seats are still available, they will be sold at our BBQ on July 20th. All non-members who want to purchase bus tickets, must purchase a club membership before buying a bus seat. Once we have secured tickets, Let Us Pray, and have a final cost for the bus package, we will share all the information with you, including information for the tailgate party that will be included in the bus package. Our Booster Club used to take 2 bus trips a year to games and we always enjoyed going to the games together, tailgating as a group and enjoying the entire day as a club. We hope to be able to enjoy one more trip together as a club in this final year in Oakland for our Raiders. Heartland Of Raider Nation, Let Us Pray…… GO RAIDERS!!!




Our special guest will be 2-time Super Bowl Champion Jeff Barnes, Jeff played linebacker for the Raiders from 1977-1987 and is a fan favorite. This will be Jeff’s first “official” appearance in the Heartland Of Raider Nation and we are glad to announce that Jeff and his wife Athena, will be with us the entire day. Jeff will be manning his own booth at our BBQ, selling his 8X10’s and autographs. ATTENTION: All “paid” admissions, adult and kids, will receive one autograph on their own items for $5, all other items, including Jeff’s own 8X10’s, will be signed for $20 each. We look forward to officially welcoming Jeff and his wife to the Heartland Of Raider Nation. SEE YOU AT THE BBQ!!!


At our June 13th meeting we elected our 2019/20 Club Board, we had a few board members who had to step down due to other commitments, BUT we had club members ready to fill the empty spots and more. Our 2019/20 Club Board- President: Eliseo Zepeda, Vice President: Dashawn Pryor, Treasure: Maria Hernandez, Secretary: Orty Castillo, Membership: Joaquin Federico, Steering Committee Rep: Margarito Nino, Activities: Lori Gomez, Raffle/ Special Assistant- Darrell Shelley, Raffle Assistant/ Special Assistant- Victor Patino, Newsletter/ Website Management: Art Zepeda, Website Assistant- *Monique Venables, Sgt At Arms: Greg Sutton, Boyd Gomez, Johnny Rodriguez, *Johnny Mejia, Special Assistants- Lupe Landin, Linda Nino, Connie Carrasco, Sheketa Pryor, Debbie Benavente, Ali Rodriguez, *Celeste Baldiviez, *Elisa Mejia, *George Chavez, Senior Teen Advocate- Jada Shelley, Teen Advocate; Pablo Benavente. *Thank you to all our new board members, and welcome back *Celeste. A special thank you to our board members who had to step down, Website Assistant - Cat Gonzalez, Sgt. At Arms- Rick Gonzalez, Senior Teen Advocate- Toni Hernandez, Teen Advocate- Tony Salazar, we thank you for all your hard work and look forward to your continued support of our club. Thank You Everyone! Raiders For Life!


We are accepting special orders for our new club shirts at the following prices. Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, women’s cut for $12 each, long sleeve shirts $15. Dri Fit sleeveless shirts $15, hoodys $30 each, short sleeve Polos, pocket logo only, $16, Long sleeve polos $20. Orders will be taken at every meeting and should be available by the next meeting if we have enough shirt orders to meet our minimum order needed. Thank you for your support!!!


Hello Heartland of Raider Nation, I hope and pray everyone is well. In February when the Super Bowl Clock hit 00:00, it was officially time for Raiders 2019, since then we have been anticipating the start of the 2019 football season, it is finally here. Training camp opens for the Rookies and free agents the week of July 22nd, with the veterans in camp on July 26th. Our first preseason game is August 10, and we wrap up the opening weekend of the 2019 season by hosting Denver on Monday Night Football. Raiders 2019 is the 60th anniversary of the Raiders organization and if all goes as planned in Vegas, this will be the final year in Oakland for our Raiders. Our new club shirts say “Prepare for Combat” Heartland Of Raider Nation, the wait is over. Are You Ready???? SEE YOU AT THE MEETING!!! GO RAIDERS!!! ELISEO


Our 29th year as a recognized Booster Club of the Oakland Raiders will kickoff at our July 11th meeting. Please see our new club shirt in the attachment of your newsletter. As I mentioned in our previous newsletter we are going to have a very limited inventory of club shirts this year. All early sign ups at our June 13 meeting will be guaranteed their shirts, even if you can not attend our July 11th meeting, we will save your shirt/s. All others will be on a first come first serve basis. We will be ordering shirts throughout the year as needed, if we do not have your size/s, they will be available no later than our next meeting. Please do not forget about mailing in your application and adding the $5 postage, this also guarantees your shirt order. ATTENTION: We have decided to allow all ladies who want a women’s cut shirt instead of a regular t shirt with their club membership, to do so for the same membership price. We greatly appreciate your endless support Heartland Of Raider Nation and hope you understand our club situation in having to cut operation costs. Thank You! GO RAIDERS!



Our Booster Club will once again take part in the Relay For Life in Tulare on October 12. Club board member Debbie Benavente has once again volunteered to be our lead Chairperson. Debbie and our club would like to thank: Lori Gomez, Monique Venables, Rick Gallegos, Connie Carrasco, who have volunteered to be a part of our Relay Team committee. Yes, October seems far away, but a lot of work and planning needs to be done and the committee can use all the help they can get. If you want to be a part of our team, please contact the club. After our BBQ is over our club will focus on the Relay, after the Relay our club will focus on our Christmas Raffle and Christmas Tailgate Party. Raider Nation making a difference in their community. We Are One Nation, One Family, That Is Second To No One! Thank You For Your Support!



7/1 David Batres 7/1 Mike Hernandez 7/1 Pauline Federico 7/4 Sheila Seaman 7/5 Orlando Benavente 7/6 Dashawn Pryor 7/7 Kaitlyn Cartagena 7/8 Andrew Carrillo 7/9 Monique Venables 7/10 Homer Ortega 7/10 Keisha Reaves 7/11 Raymond Montejano 7/14 Cynthia Elmore 7/14 Kim Anaya 7/15 Jenna Shelley 7/21 Rudy Marquez 7/22 Robert Sanchez 7/22 Sal Aguilar 7/24 Angel Baldiviez 7/25 Christine Martinez 7/26 Gilbert Martinez 7/27 John Sosa 7/27 Jose Scott 7/27 Lorina Villarreal 7/27 Tony Salazar 7/29 Annalia Flores 7/31 Brent McLean 7/31 Emma Luna

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